A Dry Shampoo to Rival Batiste?

dry shampoo

I get through a lot of dry shampoo. A lot. My stupidly fine hair is all too prone to looking decidedly lack lustre even after a few hours, never mind on the second day. When dry shampoo came onto the market I was THRILLED. Ok, so it doesn’t solve all my problems, but it goes a long way to help.

I’d alway used batiste. It works, it has a nice range of scents and it doesn’t exactly break the bank. However, in an experimental mood one day, I decided to pick up a can of a cheaper alternative; Wilko’s Dry Shampoo . This particular one promises volume. (I will pretty much always opt for whatever product states this word.) As far as I’m concerned Wilko’s offering does everything Batiste does, and it does it for only 95p!

Oh….and my best tip for dry shampoo? Apply it the night before where possible. Apply a lot (a lot) and don’t worry about rubbing it in or brushing it out. By the time you’ve slept on it, it will all blend in and be absorbed beautifully and you’ll awake with hair that (almost) looks freshly washed! Perfect.



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