Creating Memories.


I created a memory Jar for the year leading up to my 30th birthday. Its a simple idea; just a jar, of any sort, that you pop little folded pieces of paper containing happy memories in. You can include things that you’ve done, funny moments or quotes, compliments or achievements. You could even include little photos or tickets. The difference between a memory jar and just writing these things in a journal or making a scrapbook is that you don’t reread them inbetween, come your next birthday (or new Year’s eve or whatever other date you’ve set in mind) you can open up all the memories and chances are there will be lots you had completely forgotten about or not thought of since!

I thought this would be a fun thing to do in the last year of my twenties and I also hope it will spur me on to do some fun things and create some great memories!

To make my jar, I simply tied a ribbon round a glass jar from Ikea, popped on labels with a couple of favourite quotes and decorated with some sticky stars! Easy!



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