Little Life Improving Tips and Hacks.


I’m pretty busy, and can be kinda lazy. I’m basically all for anything that makes day to day life simpler and helps with all those irksome little chores. I’m a long way from getting ALL my shiz together, but here’s a few tiny things that I’ve figured out so far:

1.) Wash your make up brushes in the shower. Seriously, washing make up brushes can be such a chore. Especially when you’ve got loads of them to do. I try to wash the main ‘facey’ ones pretty regularly and I’ve found that the ideal time to do this is at the same time I’m washing me! I just bring em in, do them while I’m waiting for my conditioner to do its thing and I’m done!

2.) Clean your shower in the shower. Another job you can get done in the shower, is some bathroom cleaning. I keep one of those dishscrubbers stuck to the wall ready (they can have some washing up liquid/other soapy cleaning stuff in the handle) and I just swish it round the tiles and tub while I’m there and let it get rinsed away. Soooo much easier than faffing about doing it at another time.

3.) Tidy in short bursts. I majorly struggle to keep on top of mess and clutter. It just seems to be a constant uphill battle. One thing that helps though is sneaking in tidying in short, otherwise wasted bits of time. When I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, the microwave to ping or the toast to pop I’ll run round clearing the sides, filling or emptying the dishwasher and putting things away. Cleaning the bathroom sink is a job that can easily be done in the length of time it takes to do your teeth. I quite enjoy seeing how much I can get done in just a minute or two. (This also works well during advert breaks!)

4.) Put things half away. Ok, so in an ideal world you’re gonna put things completely away. But this is not an ideal world and I know that more often than not that just aint gonna happen. But I’m trying hard to get into the habit of at least getting things on their way to being put away. So if I’m leaving the bedroom to go downstairs I’ll look around and grab the mug that I’ve left by my bed. Even if it only gets to the kitchen counter or the bottom of the stairs, its an improvement, and more likely to eventually end up back where it should be.

5.) The basket of inbetween clothes. I have often suffered from a very serious and out of hand floordrobe. When I’m exhausted at night the last thing I want to do is hang that cardigan that’s only been worn for a bit back up, or refold my jeans and put them carefully on the shelf. So they would end up on the floor. That is, until, I employed a handy basket in my wardrobe. Now, any items that aren’t quite ready for the laundry get thrown in there. I can either put them straight back on the next day, or at least tackle the basket when I’m feeling a little fresher another time.

6.) Never trust your brain to remember anything. I’m slowly learning that it is never wise to think you will remember something completely unaided. The amount of times I’ve told myself I’ll remember what I need to buy, or that idea I a had, or that I responded to that bill or letter. It seems so obvious at the time that you think you’d never forget it. But if you’re anything like me, forget it you will. I now try and write everything down, lists, memos, everything. I write dates and explanations on bills and correspondence. I also don’t trust myself to remember to write it down later. Instead I record things all over the place, notebooks and pads and on my phone and computer. I’ll often take a photo of a handwritten note or list so that I know its in my phone too. I even make lists and record ideas on my voice memos as I’m walking along. I then simply take ten minutes or so every few days to collate all these notes in one place.

7.) Trick Yourself into starting. I have big issues with getting going on tasks. The huge ones, the daunting ones, the unpleasant ones, but even, bizarrely, the things I want to do! One way I’ve found round this is to tell myself I only have to do it for ten minutes. I set a timer on my phone and give myself permission to stop if I want to when it goes off. More often than not I find that by the time I’ve started keeping going doesn’t seem nearly so bad. (I’m shocked how this trick continues to work….I’m obviously easily fooled, even by myself!)

Hope these teeny tips help.




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