The everyday SPF.

simple spf

Simple Kind to Skin + protecting moisture cream spf 30 uva/uvb:

currently £3.33 at Boots.

I try and protect my skin with an SPF on a daily basis. Come rain, cloud or shine (lets face it, mostly cloud and/or rain in this country) I like to pop Simple’s Kind to Skin on my face, either alone or under make up. Its a great day cream as its light, non greasy and a good base, yet still provides a fairly high UVA/UVB protection.

Whats more, its such a bargain. Its currently only £3.33 at Boots (and I don’t think I’ve ever actually paid much more than this for it). At that price, as the weather starts to warm up a bit I like to keep one on my dressing table and one handy in my bag. That way i can quickly top up on any super sunny days. I sometimes find myself caught out in this unpredictable weather and this can be applied to those forgotten areas such as hands, shoulders or the tops of feet!

Its pump action dispenser means its hygenic and easy to use. You won’t find yourself accidentally squeezing out half the bottle and wondering what to do with all the excess! Its also extremely gentle and won’t irritate sensitive skin. Its cheap, cheerful and….well…..simple, but I think you’d be hard pushed to find a better performing product.



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