No 7 Stay Perfect Mascara: The solution to Panda Eyes.


no7 mascara

I spent a long time searching for a mascara that I could get along with. A very long time. I literally spent years struggling with panda like black smudges under my eyes. It was a problem I seemed to suffer alone with. My friends would happily pile on the mascara, layer upon layer, spend all night dancing and still look fresh as a daisy. I on the other hand would be in the loos, rubbing under my eyes with a wet finger. I still haven’t worked out exactly why I seem to get this issue, I wonder whether perhaps I have particularly oily eyelashes?

Then came the glorious day I discovered No 7 Stay Perfect Mascara. I scoffed, inititally. Stay Perfect indeed I thought. My make up had never ‘stayed perfect’ for more than a five minute interval. But, in desperate hope I purchased it and tried to stay optimistic.

And this stuff is game changing. Its like no other mascara I’ve ever encountered. It basically seems to be made of different stuff. It doesn’t budge an inch. Even If I were to rub at my eyes, it wouldn’t exactly smudge, it would perhaps flake a bit with some pretty vigorous prodding. You also can’t really take it off with normal eye make up remover. You could sort of manage it, but really the best thing you can do is take it off with plain old water. Just very gently wipe it with a wet cotton pad (or i just use wet fingers sometimes) and it will flake off cleanly in, well, sort of bits. Ok so you’d run into trouble if you went swimming but lets face it, that would be true with any normal non-waterproof formula. At least in Stay Perfect’s case, if you forgot and jumped in the pool all you’d have to do is wipe it away and it would be gone. No tell tale streaks! Ditto for crying. If you cried a few gentle tears it would stay put, but if you’ve been unfortunate enough to have a proper bawl, all you need to do is nip to the sink and clean it off. Problem solved!

I concede that if you are someone who doesn’t suffer from the same weird smudgey, oily eyelashes that I suffer from you’re probably not going to be interested in this mascara. It has its downsides; you can’t really layer it like you can with normal ones, and its probably not the most volumising or lengthening solution you could find. But if, perchance, you’re a weirdo like me…..this could change your life.

No 7 stay Perfect Mascara £12.95 at Boots.



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