A Little Bedside Organisation.

I like to keep a fairly well organised and stocked nightstand. After all, I spend a good proportion of my time in bed so I need things on hand!

I aim to try and keep the top of my bedside table fairly clear and clutter free. A light is essential, of course, for bedtime reading and I always like to have water at the ready. The picture frame and candle add a touch of decoration.


My top draw holds all my essentials. First, beauty bits. I like to keep lip balm, hand cream, body lotion and cuticle cream nearby. For those night time emergencies and also purely because I find lying in bed to be one of the best times to do these little things. If I can slather on moisturiser and have it working away while I sleep then all the better! And of course, hair ties!


Healthcare items: I keep a bottle of sinex in my nightstand. I find this product a godsend! I absolutely cannot stand having a blocked up nose if I am trying to sleep and sinex clears it within minutes. Piriteze anti-histamines: I take one of these most days as I suffer from a bit of hayfever and just general dust allergies. Bach’s Rescue Remedy spray: This claims to reduce stress and anxiety. I’m not completely sure I actually believe this works but I’m all for the power of placebos. Lavender essential oil: I will occasionally pop a few drops of this on my pillow as a calming sleep aid.

Miscellaneous (but oh so essential!) bits and bobs: I keep a selection of bookmarks here as I hate to find myself without one. Earplugs: Its pretty rare that I use these but its nice to have them on hand just in case of car alarms or noisy neighbours. Headphones: I often listen to podcasts in bed if I’m feeling anxious or having trouble drifting off. These ensure I don’t disturb my other half! A nakd cocoa crunch bar: You never know when you might get a pang of nighttime hunger! I sometimes find it hard to sleep if I’m hungry so I like to keep a snack close.

In the next drawer I keep my journal, a selection of notebooks and my 5 year memory book and a pen. I don’t write in my diary everyday but if my mind is feeling overly busy I find it helpful to get things down on paper. The notebooks serve a similar purpose, if I’m feeling overwhelmed, or maybe just full of ideas I like to write some lists. I also have a couple more books for browsing. I’ve recently been learning a little about mindfulness.


The last draw houses my wheat bag (great for aches and pains when warmed up in the microwave), an eyemask, a massage roller and some cotton gloves. When my hands are particularly dry these help my moisturiser work overtime through the night to leave them soft by morning. There’s also a lint roller (not something I use in bed obviously, its just a handy place to keep it!), a pair of socks (for chilly feet!) and a sleeping mask. I actually use the sleeping mask quite often as my other half tends to keep the light on reading for longer than me.

And that’s me all ready for bed! Night!



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