L’oréal Paris Elnett Satin Review


I’m often all about the novelty and am easily swayed by new products or pretty packaging, so when I find myself repurchasing a product its a pretty good sign that its done something good.

I’m not quite sure what exactly it is about the L’oréal Paris Elnett Satin that I find quite so appealing. Perhaps its that it certainly does the job. In fact, it does several jobs! For me, the main properties that convinced me to part with my cash were that it is a heat protectant and that it provides volume. (In fact, they claim it locks in a voluminous style for up to 3 Days! I feel L’oréal may be getting a little ahead of themselves here. They’ve sneakily used that catch all and deceptive ‘up to’ phrase. If they’d like to come and have a look at my hair after three days I think even they would agree that volume would not be a word they would use in relation to it, and they would in fact probably suggest that it needed a good wash.) They also claim it locks out flyaways and humidity and leaves hair shiny and soft like satin. A claim that L’oréal don’t make, but that is one one of my favourite things about the product, is that it also seems to act as a detangler. I spray it on damp hair and suddenly I can get a brush through it without feeling like I’m breaking it to pieces. A definite plus for my fragile locks.

All in all I would say that L’oréal are over egging it a bit. It certainly hasn’t completely transformed my hair but its not half bad. And if its stopping my hair getting heat damaged and broken then I’m happy. I also LOVE the bottle and spray component. It has a lock/unlock function and creates a pleasingly fine mist. For now, I’m a loyal consumer…..but its possible something else pretty could turn my eye.

Available at Boots for £5.99.



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